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Welcome to Outdoor Cat Solutions

We try to help you help your outdoor cats


We help you help your neighborhood outside cats with solutions that are both cost effective and convenient, with services starting as low as $30 .  Rather than donating to a random organization to help cats in other communities, we offer services right in your neighborhood where results are seen immediately.   If you can't get your neighborhood cats to the humane society or vet, contact us with your questions and we would love to hear from you.  

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Help kittens outdoors

Outdoor kittens suffer greatly from eye infections, parasites, worms, predators (hawks, raccoons), and getting hit by cars. Often times kittens can be adopted to prevent unnecessary high mortality outdoors. At the least, it's best to get the kittens and mother fixed as soon as they are capable of. We try to get them adopted and nursed with great care indoors at an early age if possible. At least we can provide a free over the phone consult to help your little feline mother and kitties

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Injured or sick outdoor cat help

Outdoor cats suffer from many disease that end their lives prematurely in the Florida outdoors. Many of these diseases, like Mange, wounds from cat fights, kitten eye infections, worms, parasites, and insect bites can end a their lives. These deaths are usually harsh and cause a tremendous amount of suffering. We encounter these diseases often outdoors, and there's usually an affordable way to take care of the cat. Contact us and see how we can help

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Neutering and Spaying (fixing)

The best way to stop cats from dying in your neighborhood from overpopulation is by getting the cats fixed (neutered or spayed). We call it TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, and return). The outdoor cats are transported to the Vet clinics, and the cats are held for a small recovery period before being returned to the community. Some kittens are easier to adopt out so that they can have a real chance at getting a good life inside of a home. An outdoor female cat can have over 15 kittens a year, or over 100 kittens in a lifter, leading to many kittens and cats dying unnecessarily. It's not hard to spot kittens and cats dying in these areas when you take a quick look in the neighborhoods. This is also puts a heavy strain on the animal shelters, and leads to more cats being euthanized unnecessarily. After being fixed, the cats have clipped ears, which is like a badge of honor. Neutering cats helps by: Reducing unnecessary kitten and cat deaths. Unnecessary Cat fights due to over population and territorial disputes with food. Cats have a high chance of dying from a small wound that gets infected, and it's very sad Less chance of males peeing/spraying your your cars and personal property The sounds of cats waking you up at night will eventually go away

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Our Story

Our own personal stories with animals  drive us to achieve things that money alone can't do.  Tampa is home to a large outdoor cat population that suffers on a daily basis.  Cat's are not native to Florida, and die too young when living outdoors and not managed properly.  All of the people working with us have had first hand experience seeing the outdoor cats in Tampa suffer, and we are using innovation, passion, and hard work to improve the lives of outdoor community cats.

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